TCP Westwood+

This page is the repository of TCP Westwood+ Linux kernel 2.4 patches. After patching your kernel, you need to compile it again enabling "IP :TCP Westwood support" in the "Networking Options". I suggest not to enable " IP : TCP Westwood statistics" (used just for collecting statistics by using a user-space tool suite I coded named westwood-utils) and "IP : TCP Westwood debug" (which currently does nothing).

After compiling, TCP Westwood+ is not enabled by default but you need to do it through the sysctl tcp_westwood.

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_westwood

By echoing 0 and 1 in this sysctl, you may switch between TCP classical implementation and Westwood+ one.

As you could see, there are two different flavours of the patch : the "stable" ones and the "test" ones. There's a really little difference between these two series. In fact, the "test" patches avoid introducing instructions in the Linux TCP implementation. Unfortunately, it could lead to few problems if we try to switch from NewReno to Westwood+ during a data transfer. In fact, the socket related to this data transfer could find an uninitialized read/write spinlock. If you're conscious of it you can use these patches but I suggest to use "stable" ones which avoid this behaviour.

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